The Ligourio bypass

The new Ligourio bypass has now been fully completed, which makes travelling by road from Emioni to Nafplio much easier and quicker.  Any visitors now driving from Ermioni to Nafplio/Tiryns/Argos/Mycenae, will have the opportunity to bypass the small town of Ligourio by using this new road.  This will save a couple of kilometres in distance, but more importantly, saving 10-15 minutes on the journey time, each way, eliminating all the sharp bends of the old country road.  New journey time from Ermioni to Nafplio: 1 hour 5 minutes. The new bypass access is situated next to the Ligourio medical centre, just before the town of Ligourio is reached.  The area is fully signposted, but directions for Nafplio are still covered, so turn left for the medical centre until you reach the roundabout, where directions are in place for Nafplio.  

Although the first 4km section up to Hani Merkouri (Hani Inn) was completed in 2013, the new 7.5km section, which joins the existing main road at the Western Mycenaean Bridge, has been fully operational since May 2014.

Tourists wanting to visit the Mycenaean bridges, tholos tomb and Acropolis of Kazarma  can still use the first section of the Ligourio bypass, but exit at the Hani Mercouri junction (after 4kms) and turn left at the Hani Inn onto the old country road towards Arcadiko.  However, it is still quicker to drive to the end of the by-pass and double-back to Kazarma, new direction signs are in place.