METHANA - Distance from Ermioni: 65 kms/1.4 hours

Methana is a volcanic peninsula that lies North of Trizina (Ancient Troezen) and North-West of the island of Poros. It is connected to the Peloponnese by a very narrow isthmus.  Famous for its warm healing springs, Methana welcomes hundreds of Greek holidaymakers every year, but still remains distant from foreign visitors.  A new coastal road links the isthmus with the town and port of Methana, on the South-Eastern side of the peninsula.

The first glimpse of the town and port of Methana (left) is from the roadside as you approach the town from the nearby hills.  The famous 1930's spa building stands at the entrance to the town.  Its characteristic odour of sulphur was used for therapeutic purposes from the late 19th Century.  A favourite spot amongst visitors is the small green islet of Nissaki, linked by a causeway, where luxury yachts are moored alongside the tiny traditional fishing-boats.  Traces of a fortress and Spartan coins from the 4th Century BC were found on this small islet.  Large ferries from Piraeus call in to the port of Methana, before continuing to Poros.

Along the cross-country road, 9 kms West from Methana town, lies the dormant volcano.  The volcano last erupted in 283 BC, and with the accompanying earthquakes, resulting in the destruction of Ancient Troezen.  Visitors wanting to climb to the volcano summit can leave their car at the base, where there is an old bus stop and the road ends.  It takes approximately 45 minutes to walk to the summit along a narrow winding path, with trees offering shade during the hot summer months.  You will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding sea and islands of Aegina, Angistri and Moni.  However, the volcano 'crater' at the summit is rather disappointing, as you will only see a small cave with a sign above the entrance.

Along the same mountain road to the volcano, it is worth stopping at the small coastal fishing village of Vathy for a cool refreshing drink.  Traditional tavernas surround the small bay where the local fishing boats and a few sailing boats come to visit and moor up.  You could be forgiven to think that you have just stepped back 50 years in time, as you relax and see the old men on their donkeys taking their usual route around the bay, with local fishing men sorting their catch and mending their nets.  Near Vathy you can find the earliest know settlement on the island, around 1500-1300 BC with the ancient Acropolis of Palaiokastro located very near the village.

From Ermioni, the best way to get to Methana, via Galatas, is by car, as this will give you the freedom and opportunity to visit the main port and town, the volcano and explore the 'island'.  However, you can also get to Methana by sea.  If you take the Flying Dolphin or Flying Cat to Poros, you may then take the ferry that calls in to the port of Methana, on its way to Aegina and Piraeus.


Methana Town & Port
37° 34' 50.5992" N, 23° 23' 29.2524" E
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The Spa - entrance to Methana town The Spa was built in the late 19th Century The small green islet of Nissaki Large ferry boats call into Methana port regularly The small rocky islet of Mikro Nissaki Southern stretch of the Methana waterfront Northern stretch of the Methana waterfront The towns central area and port access Another large ferry calling in to Methana 'There she blows!' on her way to Poros View of Methana from the road to the volcano You will have to leave your car at the 'old bus stop' From now you will climb the narrow pathway to the top Views of the surrounding islands A small flotilla of boats go sailing by At the top of the volcano! The small village of Kamini Be prepared to stop for the local transport The small fishing village of Vathy Vathy is slowly developing into a tourist resort Sit in a shaded taverna and enjoy a long cool drink Time seems to stop still in Vathy Fishermen mending their nets by the harbour Time to take the 'children' for a walk