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On this page, you will find puppies who are in need of new homes.  If you feel you can help, then please use the contact form, or send an email to or call 0030 695 1845 407

May Bank holiday, what a day.  The weather exceptionally hot, the sky blue and the sun shining brightly.  Maybe there will be time later in the afternoon to go for a walk or a swim.  Until early afternoon I was quite busy, then late afternoon, I received a telephone call from a Swiss lady, who appeared to be a little distressed.  She spoke about finding a female dog by some bins with 4 puppies.  According to her, these puppies were only about 5 days old and the mother dog, had a broken leg.  More phone calls, but to who?  The local charity wouldn't help, as they are struggling to find foster carers themselves.  I explained to the lady that I will make some phone calls, but I might not achieve a solution, so it will be a case of passing telephone numbers onto her.  Anyway, the first person that I rang agreed to help, which was great news.  We established the location of the bins, and all met there.  For me though, it was awful.  Seeing this female dog laid pitifully with her babies surrounding her was heartbreaking.  I was equally shocked to hear that the Swiss lady had seen them the day before and didn't contact anyone.  If this Bank holiday had have been just another day, then these puppies and their mother would have been binned!!!!!  How could someone ignore the plight of GreekSTRAYS?  To give a stray any chance of survival, one needs to act immediately.  The new foster person took them to the vet straight away to be examined.  It was identified, that the break had happened before she had given birth.  The good news was that the puppies were not 5 days old, they were approximately 4/5 weeks old.  So some cruel local person had decided to dump them, just as they were begining to get about on their own.

One morning arriving in the field where we feed many GreekSTRAYS, we noticed that some were missing, which was an indication that something wasn't right. Anyway time to feed the ones that were there.  But then we heard a new noise.  A little whimpering sound was coming from the old house.  Oh no!  We knew what this meant, but was it just one, two or many more?  Opening the door of the old house, we noticed a tiny puppy come running towards us.  One couldn't resist but pick him up, give him a loving cuddle and some food.  He was gorgeous and a real bundle of fun.  Some of the strays took to him straight away.  But what was running through our minds was that we didn't have anywhere to keep him.  Who would help?  The local charity is full of its own problems, there are hardly any foster people that one could call upon, so I rang a person, who has always said "with their time - they would always help" if they could.  Luckily for us, he went to this new foster home.  But now he needs a permanent loving home.  CAN YOU HELP GIVE 'SCHMACKO' THE LOVING HOME HE DESERVES?


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