Animal Rescues & Re-homed

Whether it be groups or individual GreekSTRAYS, ALL have their own stories to tell and one day will be written.  As a rescuer and an animal lover, it is a  task that is never ending!!!  Financially and emotionally, extremely draining.  Over the years many strays have been rescued and it just doesn't seem to be getting any easier.  Cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, young, old, new born, sick, disabled, dying, dumped, yet miraculously most have survived and gone on to better lives in new homes with new loving families in various countries, but this in itself is proving more and more difficult to achieve.  All the colony cats are in addition to the 'rescues' and naturally food is the biggest expenditure, with so many mouths to feed, especially during the winter period when they are cold, wet and hungry. We hope and pray that 2018 will be an easier year.


2016 RESCUES & re-homed . . .

MARCH - CHLOE, rescued as an older cat as she was not wanted.  Went to Holland.

MARCH - DUMPLING, rescued as a baby.  Went to Holland.

MARCH - PUDDING, the tiniest bin kitten rescued.  Went to Holland.

JANUARY - PRECIOUS, a stray that came running through the long grasses.  I tried, but couldn't save her.  Her cancer was too far gone.

JANUARY - HARRY, a street dog in Ermioni for many years who became sick.  He has Calazar and is on medication.  Once fully recovered, will be castrated and then will leave Greece to his loving home.  Destination secret.

2015 RESCUES & re-homed . . .

DECEMBER - DUMPLING, wailing along the Mandrakia side.  All on her own.  Rescued and she went to Holland.

NOVEMBER - 4 puppies dumped at the market.  They were saved, but one went missing.  The other 3 went to Germany.

OCTOBER - CHLOE wasn't wanted, so we rescued her and she went to Holland.

OCTOBER - ALEX & ANNIE were found by bins in separate areas.  They were saved and adopted in the UK.

SEPTEMBER - BEE-BEE & BO-BO rescued from Nafplio as a result of an email from a holiday maker.

AUGUST - PRECIOUS was rescued in Nea Epidavros by an English couple.  Took her to safety and looked after her until she was ready to fly to the UK and join her new family.

JULY - CINDY in the local cemetery she was dumped, full of ticks.  Rescued and went to a charity in the UK, who found adopters for her.

JULY - Wrapped in a plastic bag and binned.  Rescued COCO & CHANEL and they went to Holland.

JULY - GEORGE rescued from Nea Epidavros by Nickie and homed in the UK.

MAY - OUZO & METAXA, binned and left to starve as tiny little puppies.  Rescued them and they went to a charity in the UK.  They were adopted together.

MAY - GINO, rescued by mistake.  On a mission to find a sick dog and found him.  Gave him a chance.  He was adopted in the UK.

MAY - GINA, from being emanciated, starved, skin and bone to a wonderful doggie.  She was homed in Germany.

MAY - Rescued as little puppies, ROCCO, BOUBOULINA, SHAUN and GOLDIE given a chance and were homed in Italy.

MAY - HERBIE, BEANIE, SOOTY were born to a very wild mummy who was waiting to be neutered.  Mummy escaped so they had to be hand reared.  Were adopted in Holland.

JANUARY - Rescued and both APPOLO and HERA went to the UK.

JANUARY - Rescued from the bins by the vets in Kranidi.  MONTY and MIA went to Holland, POPPY went missing, the other 3 are still safe.


2014 RESCUES & re-homed . . .

DECEMBER - Rescued on the back streets of Ermioni - didn't even have chance to name her, she was so thin and very weak.  She lived for 2 days only.

DECEMBER - Found wandering in the middle of the road by Dimitra's supermarket - BOUBOULINA - ITALY

OCTOBER - Argos 'an Italian plea'.  First spotted end of June, finally found mid-October against all odds - KUTSIA - ITALY

SEPTEMBER - Two older puppies just appeared in the open field - BILLIE & BENNY

AUGUST - Found behind the football ground, three puppies dumped.  One sadly died, but the other two survived - GERMANY

JULY - 15+ kittens dumped and many were very sick - now all OK - GERMANY & UK

JULY - 5 kittens + mummy cat dumped by a German lady who no longer wanted them - UK


JULY - Found by the bins close to the cemetary in Ermioni - ROSIE - GERMANY

JUNE - Found by tourists in Nafplio - YIANNI - GERMANY

JUNE - Wrapped in a plastic bag and binned - AMBER & CHARLIE - HOLLAND

JUNE - Found 13 kms from Ermioni on the main road - LILLY - GERMANY

JUNE - Discovered at the Mandrakia side of Ermioni after being alerted by a tourist - STAVROS - GERMANY

MAY - Mummy rejected her three babies - BILLY, BELLA, BROWNIE - GERMANY

MAY - Alerted by a Greek girl, about a little new born puppy at the waste bins - PAULA BEAR - HOLLAND

MAY - Found from under the waste bins by the market - MARNI, MILLY, MAISIE - HOLLAND & UK

MAY - Rescued from Thessaloniki - BONNIE & CLYDE - UK

APRIL - Found by the Yacht cafe in Ermioni - TINKER, TAYLOR, SOLDIER, SAILOR - GERMANY & UK

FEBRUARY - Rescued from an Argos vet - PIXIE 

JANUARY - Found crying her little heart out by waste bins - LILY

JANUARY - Dumped in the open field - GRIZZLY - GERMANY

2013 RESCUES & re-homed . . .

DECEMBER - Found on the Mandrakia harbourside, a severely injured cat - TWINKLE


DECEMBER - Dumped at LIDL supermarket - LUCY - UK

DECEMBER -  Barrel dog and puppy saved and now enjoying a wonderful life in Austria - ERMIS & his son JUNIOR - AUSTRIA


DECEMBER - Picked up wandering and crying by the Panaghia Church in the old village - ZARA - UK

DECEMBER - Found by bins along the Mandrakia sick and filthy - JACK - FINLAND

DECEMBER - Alerted by the plight of cries along a county lane - THOMAS

DECEMBER -  Discovered amongst a colony of stray cats - LEON - FINLAND

DECEMBER - Rescued as the finder didn't want her - KIRA

NOVEMBER - Discovered five puppies to two different mums by the market in Ermioni - GERMANY

NOVEMBER - From the bins by the vet in Kranidi - 6 little ones were rescued, but only two have survived - FOXY & MARMALADE

NOVEMBER - Found at AB supermarket in Corinth - ALPHA & VITA - GERMANY

OCTOBER - Tourist alert at Salanti, a mummy and her two babies - WILLOW, TIGER & LIQOURICE - UK

OCTOBER - Dumped in an open field, then sadly went missing - MARLEY

OCTOBER - Found scavenging by waste bins in Ermioni - DUSTY - GERMANY

OCTOBER - Discovered on the back streets of Ermioni - BISCUIT - GERMANY


SEPTEMBER - Appeared in the open field, dumped, now has a home in Germany - BARNEY - GERMANY

SEPTEMBER - Picked up from inside waste bins in Ermioni - SOOTY & SWEEP - GERMANY 

AUGUST - Rescued from the village in Ermioni - TOM & JERRY - GERMANY

AUGUST - Rescued by German tourists, but sadly they did not survive the journey - FELIX & ZEUS


AUGUST - Found half dead by German tourists, who eventually adopted him - YASSOU - GERMANY

JULY - Collected from the local charity 20 kms away - JELLY BEAN, SMARTIE & CANDY - GERMANY

JULY - Discovered wandering by the waste bins searching for food - GEORGIE - GERMANY

JULY - Found in the graveyard in Ermioni - GABRIEL - GERMANY


JULY - Rescued from waste bins in Ermioni - BUBBLEGUM - GERMANY

JULY - Found by waste bins in Ermioni - ALEX - GERMANY

JUNE - Rescued from the market area in Ermioni - 8 puppies that were just dumped - GERMANY

JUNE - Found half dead and left along a walkway - PEPSI - SWEDEN

MAY - Rescued from bins 20 kms from Ermoni - DUCHESS, ZORRO, SMOKIE - AMSTERDAM & UK

APRIL - Five little ones dumped - PEPSI, MAX, CHARLIE, ROSIE, BRANDY - GERMANY

FEBRUARY - Found in bins in Ermioni - DUSTY - GERMANY

JANUARY - Alerted by tourists in Ermioni about an injured cat on the Bisti backstreets - SQUIDGY

2012 RESCUES & re-homed . . .

DECEMBER - Just came accross him down a country lane - MAXIMUS - HOLLAND

NOVEMBER - Found scavenging by waste bins - SMUDGE - GERMANY

SEPTEMBER - Rescued from Athens as they couldn't afford to keep them - ANNIE and her five babies

SEPTEMBER - Found by the bins inside a rolled-up carpet, with aggressive dog at one side - LUCKY - UK

AUGUST - She just appeared in a graveyard in Ermioni - ANGEL

AUGUST - Started with one sick cat, then her two sisters appeared - CORNFLAKE, WHEETABIX and SUGARPUFF - HOLLAND

AUGUST - Dumped in the open field - LUCY - GERMANY

AUGUST - Five little kittens rescued from the island of Poros - THE PRESIDENTS

JUNE - Found sick on the back streets of Ermioni.  Survived 2 days only - SMOKIE

MAY - Injured and sick - MINNIE

MAY - Discovered by bins - a mother and her four puppies - GERMANY

JUNE - Found inside bins but only two survived as one went missing - COFFEE, TOFFEE, CAPPUCINO - GERMANY 

MAY - Rescued from an old derelict house in Ermioni - MARLEY - GERMANY

APRIL - One little puppy abandoned - SCHMACKO - GERMANY

FEBRUARY - One tiny little kitten brought to be neutered, and stayed - JUNIOR

2011 RESCUES & re-homed . . .

NOVEMBER - Full of paint found wondering on the Mandrakia side - MILLY

JULY - A friend couldn't cope with this kitten - GOLLY BOY

JUNE - A very sick little kitten that sadly didn't make it - PEANUT

JUNE - Found in the toilet buckets at Iria camping beach - ARTHUR, ARCHIE, ARNIE

JUNE - Roaming along the back streets of Mandrakia harbour - PUMPKIN

JUNE - in bins at Porto Heli - OLIVER.  He went to Germany.

JUNE - Injured along the back streets - CHELSEA

JUNE - Roaming along the bins by the market - PRETZEL - SWEDEN

MAY - This little boy was rescued and then he vanished which was heartbreaking - POPEYE

APRIL - POPPY had two little babies, one died then POPCORN vanished

MARCH -  Rescued with a broken jaw and a split head - PAMPOUSHKA - HOLLAND

JANUARY - As a result of the cruelty within the village, all cats had to go - BENJI

JANUARY - BENJI'S brother had to go because of the cruelty within the village - BILLY - HOLLAND

RESCUES PRIOR TO 2011 and re-homed . . .

As a result of the cruelty of the villagers, all the cats  had to go - ADAM

APRIL - Rescued by one of the old village churches - LEO & THEO


Did she belong to someone?  We don't know . . . but then discovered she was blind - OLIVIA

Rescued from the roof top of an old house.  Terrible eyes and only partial sight - SMOKIE

On the back streets, a nursing mum and her baby.  Sadly the neighbours hosed this tiny kitten down and then got rid - POLLY

                    A friendly dog dumped in the old village, very dangerous for him, we had to save him - SCOOBY DOO                               Read his story here: 

The old 'Mystery House' where it all started in 2006 and where it all sadly ended . . . 


















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