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Picture Gallery
Three new additions in the summer - Evette, Adam and Eve Some of the more 'grown-up' boys of the gang Broozer is one of the original 'magnificent seven' I'm new - don't have a name yet . . . but I'll stay Matoshka had surgery - removing her front right digit Some come out of curiosity . . . and stay Natasha is a very contented young lady . . . . . . sadly Natasha lost an eye as a kitten Starshine and Bonnie came onto the scene in 2006 Bonnie, Sniffer and Shadow It's OK! - the photo-shoot is over - let's have some fun! Can I come out to play? Broozer and his Bruvver! Hi! - I'm called Mummy Here is my little girl called Baby Baby and Mummy Shadow and Sniffer making themselves at home Bobby and Sniffer taking time out Mummy and Bonnie after a night on the tiles Hello!  My name's Shalyk Shalyk means 'neck-scarf' - mine's white I'm Jack - we're a similar colour - but where's your fur? The arrival of Romeo and Juliet These guys seem to be in love Juliet gets a nasty sore around her neck With a little treatment - Juliet looks beautiful again Romeo is soon back on the scene - happy ever after It's Junior! - just a little kitten Hello there!  I'm Junior . . . the new girl in town Soon Sniffer falls in love with Junior Soon we all fall in love with Junior Sniffer makes sure that Junior stays with him Ahoy there! . . . I'm Jolly Roger!  'Ahaaaar there mi-harties' Jolly Roger tells us he lost his eye fighting pirates Siesta time - so it's time to take it easy Little Sophie - with her little Billy Leo and Theo make themselves at home The twins are lucky they found a new home Leo and Theo with their new furry friends Bobby - a fine English man in Ermioni Hi!  I'm Popeye Popeye was found wandering around the Thursday market Now Popeye can play all he wants in safe ground Popcorn and Peanut with mummy Poppy Popcorn was very sad when Peanut died a week later Popcorn likes his yogurt treats Sadly Popcorn has been missing since 15 July '11 Chelsea girl was found under a car in the old village Chelsea is a bundle of fun and likes to play in the open fields Oliver was found by a kind person in the bins at Porto Heli Pumpkin was rescued from the new town area Dolly was found near the market area in Ermioni Pretzel was saved outside an apartment on the Mandrakia side Rupert was found laying next to his dead brother - he survived  Brothers Arthur, Archie and Arnie were rescued from Iria as a plea from some German holidaymakers All are happy to be cared for in a safe place