A big 'Thank you' to all who have made donations, or supplied equipment for the GreekSTRAYS.  We are truly grateful for this generosity, but it has to continue. This for us is a tremendous step in moving forward in continuing to improve the plight of GreekSTRAYS within our region. Presently all our activities are self funded, we don’t receive any financial help.  Our cause of GreekSTRAYS is to raise as much money as possible with a vision, to buy land and create GreekSTRAYS HOME.  We need to continue the important task of Capture-Neuter-Release, feeding and caring for the sick and injured, re-home where possible, but most of all, give these helpless GreekSTRAYS a chance of survival in a safe haven.  Animals sadly do not have a voice, but they do have rights.  If you like what you have read, and wish to help, your generosity will be greatly appreciated.  Please, consider helping the cause and make your donation by clicking the paypal button.    Everything is possible, but funds are needed to make a dream come true. Living in a village environment means that we are extremely limited as to how many strays we can look after, but we do our best with the resources we have.  At least we try and give plenty of love and affection, in oppose to what some have endured:  poisoned, kicked, abused, neglected, starved or harmed.  


Being passionate about dogs and puppies, our work is unbelievable.   TBC . . . . . 

Looking after all these puppies in the interim period is sheer hard work. Taking them abroad is also very distressing for the animal.  It is a very very long journey. The puppies need to be with their mothers, until such a time when they are ready for re-homing.  But in Greece this is not possible.  Driving around Greece, whether it be villages, towns or the countryside, one can witness many cruel sights.  Starvation, diseases and dehydration is evident in these helpless animals.  As a result, many don't make it and die.  If they die in visible areas, they are left on the roads, or pavements.  The ones that do manage to survive have to continue the fight for survival.  

Small animal charities in Greece are often inundated with stray puppies.  Puppies dumped outside their premises and there is nothing they can do about these poor little creatures.  Puppies poisoned, puppies kicked and used as footballs, puppies found in bins, with no chance of escape, unless a passer by is fortunate to hear the yelps.  No-one is prepared to even offer water to these poor animals! They are often left in the blazing sunshine, and many endure slow painful deaths.  It is heartbreaking.  But with people around like Regina, all the hard work makes it all worthwhile.    

It doesn't have to be like this.  There is lots that many can do, but funds are needed and people who are prepared to commit and devote a small amount of their time to try and make a difference to these GreekSTRAYS.  Sole individuals can only make a slight difference, but even this is worth all the hard work.  Please do support us to continue.  Animals sadly do not have a voice, but they do have a right to live.  Please, consider helping the cause and make a one off donation by clicking on the paypal button below.  Every little bit helps.  



Picture Gallery
The 3 Musketeers - Found across from waste-bins near Ermioni The 3 Musketeers - Athos The 3 Musketeers - Aramis The 3 Musketeers - Porthos Shy Lara - One blue eye, one black eye 4 puppies found in a metal waste-bin near Ermioni Quads found near Porto Heli - now have a good home Twins left near a busy road - now have a better home Some very kind people do short-term fostering Mara - found roaming the streets Hermione - Abandoned in Ermioni - new home in Germany Beautiful Bella - Now has a new family in Germany There are always more puppies waiting for good homes